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No, it’s not the latest from the Sci-Fi Channel. It’s an all-too-real invasion. Hordes of content followed by torrents of commercial messaging, pounding away 24/7 through multiple devices, mediums and channels – leading to shrunken, zombie-like attention spans. Meanwhile, someone who might be your next customer is about to zone out. So how do you get your message heard by the people who need to hear it?

Tell a better story

Sorry, the viewer doesn’t give a zesty Cheeto about your message — until you tell a story that connects. This takes crystal-clear strategy, imagination and spot-on execution. And the ability to speak in a meaningful way to the people who need to hear it. Otherwise, you’re not going to get very far.

Buzzsaw produces better stories that connect with the viewer. We create compelling words, pictures and sounds — while staying true to your brand’s values. By carefully balancing marketing objectives with creative problem solving, we deliver effective campaigns that provoke awareness — ultimately driving perception and nudging the viewer to action.

Let us tell your story

Buzzsaw is a small agency with a powerful mantra: “Provoke awareness. Drive perception.” Our bold approach to marketing and communications uses the art of storytelling to build a better buzz for your brand – producing a higher return on your marketing investment. And like a zombie, we possess a single-minded obsession: eat your competitors for lunch.


Illustration: TIm Jessell